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Our priority is to guarantee a high quality extra virgin olive oil with a perfect balance between all its flavors. The basis of the entire production process is represented by direct and indirect collaboration with local mills. This careful selection process allows the production of a Tuscan oil with a different balance between fruity, bitter and spicy with which we are able to satisfy the tastes of individual markets and individual customers.


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Extra virgin olive oil is a food oil extracted from olives, or the fruits of the olive tree (Olea europaea). The extra virgin type is obtained from the first mechanical pressing of the olives. The extra virgin olive oil is now considered both by nutritionists and by operators in the food and catering field a food in all respects. By now the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčolive oil as a pure and simple seasoning has been overcome. The extra virgin olive oil is made up of Trigligerides, that is Lipids, for more than 98% (saponifiable part) and for the remaining part (unsaponifiable) from over 200 important chemicals such as Hydrocarbons, Fat-soluble vitamins, Phenols. They are the components nutritional oil. Extra virgin olive oil is rich in vitamin E. This vitamin makes our immune system even stronger and, by counteracting free radicals, it protects us from aging cells.

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