Wildflower honey does not have a single place of production, but can be produced both in the mountains and in the hills and on the plains, where various types of flowers are found. For this reason, depending on the collection area, it can present uniqueness in terms of flavor and aroma, but also in terms of properties. According to the collected nectar, in fact, wildflower honey will have different characteristics. Nonetheless, it can be divided into two macro-categories based on the production period: Light Millefiori Honey and Dark Millefiori Honey.Excellent for those who must energize and purify the body, it has a stimulating and regulatory function.



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Honey is a food produced by bees (Apis mellifera). It is produced from nectar or honeydew. The nectar is bottled on the flowers of many plants. The nectar is excreted by the nectariferous glands present inside the flower but also in an external (extra-floral) position, for example on the petiole of the leaves of some plants (cherry, laurel cherries). Nectar and honeydew are collected (bottined), processed, dehydrated and stored in the honeycomb. Honey is used as nourishment by bees in periods of absence of nectariferous import, such as in the winter season or between one big bloom and another.
Allergens: it may contain traces of nuts, peanuts, soy and milk derivatives.
Origin of the product: ITALY

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