CACIO AND PEPPER RISOTTO 250g with spoon engraved streets of PIENZA


The Risotto Cacio e pepe is a characteristic Italian dish. As the name suggests, the ingredients of the dish are very simple and include only black pepper, pecorino romano cheese and rice. Like other dishes of Italian cuisine it is prepared with poor ingredients, easily available and long conservation (during the transhumance it was not easy to get food). It has its roots in the cuisine of farmers and shepherds.
The package is accompanied by a 30 cm beech spoon engraved with the characteristic streets of Pienza, VIA DEL BACIO, VIA DELLA FORTUNA, VIA DELL’AMORE.


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Risotto is a typical first course of Italian cuisine. Its main feature is the maintenance of the starch, which, gelatinized due to cooking, binds the beans together in a creamy type compound. Among the various qualities of rice, there are some particularly suitable for the preparation of risotto, our Risottos are based on ROMA rice. In addition, various dried ingredients that characterize the various typical local recipes.
Ingredients: Rice, bread crumbs (type 0 soft WHEAT flour, water, yeast) pepper 15%, CHEESE 10%, salt, onion, garlic,mint.
Allergens: may contain traces of nuts, peanuts, soy and milk derivatives.

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